The Visible Mission.
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Our free toolkit covers the following areas of your business:

  1. Vision and Progress View
    The Vision and Progress view provides the vision (where are we going), as well as the information describing how we are progressing on that journey.
    >>  Vision & Mission  |  Goal Cycle  |  Assumptions  |  Combined Roadmap  |  Current Status per Goal & Metric  |  Progress per Goal & Metric
  2. Blueprint and Landscape View
    The business blueprint and competitive landscape view provides us with an internal looking visualization of our business model, as well are insights into our competitive environment, which includes emerging trends.

    >>  Business Model Innovation  |  Business Model Canvas  |  Competitive Landscape  |  Blue Ocean Strategy  |  Emerging Future (PESTLE Assessment)
  3. Create Customer View
    This view provides all the elements needed to understand our customers and their needs, and help us understand how we can solve their pain, the available markets, and what we need to do to succeed.

    >>  Customer Empathy Map  |  Value Proposition  |  Product (and Features)  |  Market (Customer, Product, Geography)  |  Geographical Markets  |  Market Comparison  |  Customer Goals and Metrics  |  Customer Initiative Roadmap  |  Customer Initiative Cost
  4. Build Team View
    We cannot create customers without the right team. In this view, we bring the tools you need to assess, and develop your team iteratively, and consistently.

    >>  Value Streams  |  Business Capabilities  |  Value Stream Assessment  |  Assessment Matrix  |  Relative Urgency  |  Team Build Goals and Metrics  |  Team Build Initiative Roadmap  |  Team Build Initiative Costs

The Visible Mission guides you to create a mission control center for your organization. It brings together some of the best business tools available, in a single place. It is a very practical and pragmatic approach that can be used by organizations of any stripe.

In the same way that the moon landing was guided from Mission Control, you will be able to set up and navigate your team, and partners through to success. The Visible Mission will show you that strategic management is not rocket science, neither is it voodoo.

At the end, you will not end up with a plan that will die in a presentation, or somewhere on a hard drive. You have a setup and an approach that is alive, immersive, and collaborative. You will analyze, strategize, plan, execute, track and adjust: all in one place.

The Visible Mission will enable you to turn your vision into action, and your actions into achievements, it will remove the silos in your organization, it will stop your team fighting itself, but rather focus on the joint goals. In addition, it will enable you to connect initiatives like digitization and innovation to where it will contribute to your success.

The approach described in The Visible Mission will not only help you focus on the right goals, but it will also guide you through developing your team's capabilities, mission after mission. When done consistently, you will become the envy of your competitors, but even better, you will impress and excite your customers.

Buckle up for the ride!

About the Author


Henk Joubert, Managing Consultant at Digital Innovation AG

Drawing on 30 years of experience as a software developer, enterprise and business architect, technology and business strategy, Henk Joubert brings a novel and powerful approach to business strategy, planning, and execution. 

He draws on experience in multiple industries on three continents and four countries, bringing together world-class business and technology tools in eye-opening ways, learning  from failures and building on successes.