Making sure what needs to be delivered, gets delivered right - efficiently & effectively.

Who we are?


We are a powerful blend of management consultancy & digital expertise.

Our mindset drives us to constantly seek out innovative consumer-centric solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We help companies to fast-track their own potential through digital enablement and the harmonization of people, process, organization and technology.

We put you back in control of your project portfolio, in sync with your business mission, vision and strategy.


Project & Portfolio Management

We can support you in the following areas:

Losing project control

Unclear scope, overspending, schedule overruns, stakeholder frustration, and delivery delays affect the project.

Audit preparation

There is a need to improve your own processes before your customer takes the initiative to audit your services.

Complex projects or programs

A formidable challenge lies ahead that cannot be met with current internal capabilities and capacities.

Outsourcing gone bad

A large or complex outsourcing initiative has gotten out of hand. To get back on track, it needs an external perspective and outside help.

What we offer?

PPM Service Packages

- 1 -
Project Portfolio Assessment

-> Portfolio analysis
-> Data validation
-> Results & recommendation report

- 2 -
Portfolio Review

-> Top-down strategy
-> Bottom-up review 
-> Discrepancy & results report

- 3 -
Resource Management Optimization

-> Demand qualification
-> Capacity logic & gaps
-> Prioritization & allocation
-> Managing Skills

Who are our PPM experts?

Michel Henssen_-_media--9a2dd926--query@2x


Michel Henssen
Principal Consultant

  • Expert in orchestration & delivery of mission critical programs and projects.
  • Michel has more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting and Corporate IT Management positions, across industries and top tier brands.
  • He is a skilled moderator & project leader with strong communication & influencing skills.
Mark Rouse_-_media--9a2dd926--query@2x

Mark Rouse
Principal Consultant

  • Expert in cross-channel merchandising, GTM planning, pricing, process and project management.
  • 40 years experience in major UK and international companies.
  • Former VP at adidas.
  • Mark is focused on delivering profitable growth and efficiencies.

Johannes Wolfert
Senior Business Consultant

  • Expert in E2E process management, design and optimization
  • Many years in consulting executing the development and implementation of project and process management methods, change management and organizational development as well as Portfolio & Program Management

Our PPM Service Packages:


Package 1

Project Portfolio Assessment 

What is your PPM profile?
PPM focus areas, based on your drivers, aligned with business needs.

//  Survey-based PPM relevant data point collection

Every organization is different. 
Not just from a cultural nature perspective, but also business model and, current macro and meso economic situation (to name a few).
All of these aspects colour the strategic direction, and short and mid-term focus, and therefore have a direct effect on how the organization is steered and operationally managed.
That is why we start with a targeted survey, extracting as many relevant data points out of your organization as possible, that combined give us a picture of where the biggest potential gains could be, concerning your end2end Project & Portfolio Management Chain.

// Validation Meeting (of the data points)

Awareness and recognition of the collected data can sometimes be confronting or eye-opening. Better to have that transparency upfront – so we start crunching the numbers and base our findings on a jointly understood basis.

// DI in-house Analysis

The collected data points will show us the overarching tendencies and preferences of the organization – which enables us to recommend prioritization of certain PPM processes and capabilities, over others.

For example: Do you work with interdepartmental cross-charging/chargebacks of project deliverables and manpower? Do you work with hard yearly departmental budget caps, or are funds released on the basis of ROI? Do you have cross-functional teams collaborating across locations and time zones?

// Report 

Results report with clearly identified improvement potentials, tailored to your situation.


Package 2

Project Portfolio Review

Do you invest your money where it matters most?
Efforts and investments adapted to the strategy and contribution.

// Top down

Sifting through the intended business strategy, growth, expansion, diversification, specialization, transformation, and cost efficiency fundamentals of the portfolio.

// Bottom-up review

What is really happening?
Analysis of the current portfolio (in implementation/ in backlog) as well as current time expenditure (maintenance/ optimization/ change of business operations).

// Report

Portfolio discrepancies and recommendations are highlighted and a mapping of portfolio and effort to strategic goals (Quantified Visualization) is made incl.
Conclusions and recommendations.


Package 3

Resource Management Optimization

Are you empowering your employees to work on the right initiatives at the right time?
Recommendations regarding reliable resource management and increase the success of portfolio implementation.

// Demand qualification logic

Understand how to pre-qualify your new incoming requests. We look for characteristics that indicate:
  • Strategic fit
  • Urgency/priority
  • Own experience

// Capacity logic

How to in day-to-day business:
  • Plan and implement with existing capacity
  • Respond spontaneously to changes in priorities/policies
  • Deal with gaps in skills, experience/ capacity

// Prioritization and allocation logic 

Strategy, roadmap and assessment facilitation for logical prioritization and allocation.

// Managing skills and capacity gaps 

Managing skills and capacity gaps in the areas of program, project, crisis and remediation management.

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