We support you with building a foundation for your organization which effectively connects IT and business.

Who we are?


We are a powerful blend of management consultancy & digital expertise.

Our mindset drives us to constantly seek out innovative consumer-centric solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We help companies to fast-track their own potential through digital enablement and the harmonization of people, process, organization and technology.

We help your organization optimize your Enterprise Architecture to lay the foundation for a successful future, reduce technical complexity, lower costs, and prepare your organization for upcoming challenges.


Enterprise Architecture

We can support you in the following areas:

High IT costs

The cost of the current IT architecture is very high and lacks transparency.

Lack of strategy

There is a lack of a clear vision & strategy for the company's IT.

Lack of resources

When it comes to implementing and managing IT, there is a lack of resources to handle all the current tasks and forward-looking projects.

Techn. Komplexität
Technical complexity

Many different, sometimes slow and unreliable solutions are in use, which do not work together seamlessly and make for a complex IT architecture.

Silos (2)
Business & IT silos

There is a lack of interdisciplinary teams with clear responsibilities between business and IT that align with the strategic goals of the organization.

IT and data security

Data security as well as the general security of the implemented IT systems are not verified or secured.

Risk management

No effective risk management to identify risks early enough and develop solutions.


Lack of IT governance framework and execution.

What we offer?

Enterprise Architecture Service Packages

- 1 -

-> Analysis of the IT architecture
-> Evaluation of the situation
-> Optimization proposals

- 2 -

-> Assessment Light
  + Draft Strategy & Governance
  + Assessment & Tender

- 3 -

-> Strategy Basic
  + Maturity assessment
  + Establishment of competence centers
  + Implementation of tools

- 4 -

-> Transformation Enablement
  + IT Alignment
  + Transformation roadmap
  + Implementation Support

- 5 -

-> Business Accelerator
+ Automation of the Enterprise Architecture
+ Development and support for all necessary competencies

Who are our EA Experts?


Christian Glashagen
Managing Consultant

  • Expert in project & process management, innovation management, and enterprise architecture.
  • Numerous years of experience in IT management, digital transformation, implementation management.
  • Held various international positions in the area of digital transformation and enterprise architecture at different Bayer AG branches.


Henk Joubert
Managing Consultant

  • Expert in business and enterprise architecture, strategy and capability assessment.
  • Extensive experience of working in four different countries on three different continents.
  • Worked for companies such as Harley Davidson and Northwestern Mutual.

Our Enterprise Architecture Service Packages:


Package 1

Assessment Light

Analysis and evaluation of the IT architecture.

//  Analysis of IT Architecture

Assessment of a client's current IT architecture to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for optimization, based on one specific problem. This could include reviewing the client's technology infrastructure, data architecture, and application architecture or a specific portfolio.

// Evaluation of current Situation

Review of your IT portfolio or technology stack to ensure that it meets industry best practices and aligns with the client's business goals.

// Identification of optimization potentials of a specific portfolio

Review one specific portfolio to optimize the ROI and ensure that it can meet it’s specific goals, by defining various parameters which can be adjusted or measured in future, this ensures certain quality.


Package 2

Strategy Basic

Analysis and evaluation of the IT architecture and derivation of strategic assistance.

This package includes all services from package 1 "Assessment Light" plus:

// Architecture blueprint

Create a detailed blueprint for your IT architecture, including a comprehensive architecture diagram, detailed technology recommendations, and implementation guidelines or principles.

// Architecture strategy

Develop an overall IT architecture strategy that aligns with your business objectives and addresses specific pain points, derived from the company strategy or input from relevant stakeholders. This could include a review of their current architecture, gap analysis, and a roadmap for implementation or a workshop to support you to define it by yourself.

// Architecture governance

Assist with establishing architecture governance processes and frameworks, to ensure that their IT architecture is managed effectively over time. Like an application lifecycle.


RFP for an EA tool, by assessing the repositories and provide guidance on a potential tool selection.


Package 3

Transformation Enablement

Analysis, assessment, strategy development, and enablement for high-performance IT architecture.

This package includes all services from package 2 "Strategy Basic" plus:

// Architecture maturity assessment

Assessment of the current level of architecture maturity and provide recommendations for improvement. This could include evaluating their architecture processes, tools, and governance practices.

// Development of capabilities

Development of  internal architecture capabilities by providing training, coaching, and support on architecture best practices and processes. Train the trainer.

// Architecture center of excellence setup (CoE) setup

Support the establishment of an Architecture CoE to provide ongoing support for their architecture initiatives and promote consistency and governance across the organization.

// EA tool implementation support or program / project implementation

 Support the EA tool implementation and how to integrate it, or we support a large initiative at your site, which needs guidance of an architect.


Package 4

Business Accelerator

Bring your Enterprise Architecture to the next level!

This package includes all services from package 3 "Transformation Enablement" plus:

// Business-IT alignment

Working together with business stakeholders to ensure that the IT architecture supports their strategic objectives and aligns with the overall business strategy.

// Architecture transformation roadmap

Development of a comprehensive roadmap for the client's IT architecture transformation journey, including specific goals, portfolios, timelines, and implementation plans.

//  Architecture implementation support

Provide ongoing support for the implementation of the architecture transformation roadmap, including project management, technical support, and change management.

//  Optimization / introduction of architecture governance framework

Assistance with optimizing or creating their architecture governance framework to ensure ongoing success, including defining roles and responsibilities, establishing performance metrics, and implementing continuous improvement processes.


Package 5

Automation Package

All-round package including the automation of all important elements for a long-term, successful alignment of the Enterprise Architecture.

This package includes all services from package 4 "Business Accelerator" plus:

// Automation of Enterprise Architecture Services

Preparation and implementation of all automated processes for a powerful setup of all Enterprise Architecture Services as a basis for future business success.

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